Twined Rag Rugs

Twined Rag Rugs for Sale
Twined rugs are very durable and will last for decades, longer than most other rag rugs.

Heavier than most rag rugs, with 15 yards of fabric. Rug weight and nubby texture help keep it in place and lying flat (an important safety feature). Rugs are 24" X 36".

Created from recycled fabric, special attention is given to color choice and placement to make each rug a one of a kind work of art.

Each rug is about ten to fifteen hours of weaving time.

The weaving technique called twining dates back 25,000 years. In most industrial nations twining has virtually disappeared except in basket making. In the U.S. few people are familiar with twining unless the make baskets or twined rag rugs.

Rag Rug 1
Rag Rug Weaving
"CLICK HERE" Janet shows you how to twine rag rugs.
Rag Rug 3
Rag Rug 3 rug
Rag Rug 5